FESMA is a well-financed, professional sales organization, operating as a team of problem-solvers and relationship builders, dedicated to ensure significant sales growth for the manufacturers it represents. FESMA renders a personalized approach to the industry and portrays a genuine interest in each and every product line it represents. FESMA perceives each line as a long-term partner and chooses those partners based on a “Best Fit” for the markets we address.

FESMA was incorporated in 1962 and the longest sustained operating, independent representative organization in the state of Florida, built on a strong and solid foundation of credibility. We offer a well-balanced approach to Florida’s expanding markets by maintaining an in-depth focus on the following key segments – schools, consultants, chains, dealers and the Department of Corrections.

Our representatives extend and guarantee the utmost in professionalism and integrity to successfully attain the highest level of customer satisfaction. We place a special emphasis on customer service and service excellence. Our genuine concern for your needs enables FESMA to provide outstanding service with a “personalized touch” while catering to both large and small accounts.


FESMA strives to maintain a distinct focus on the following key areas, always with the strategy of furnishing a value added service.



FESMA believes that the school systems are the most fundamental component of the Florida market. Many representatives only pursue the new construction through consultants; however, the FESMA team operates closely with both the Consultants and the School Food Service Directors, offering double advantage. The Director requests the Consultant specify our equipment on new construction and in addition, our equipment is also specified on the annual replacement bids. The most consequential benefit on the replacement bids is the opportunity to leverage that success in other counties in Florida. In short, any Florida county can buy off of any other county bid. Additionally, in 2007, FESMA initiated a long-term program in which we began direct liaison with Hillsborough County’s Design & Construction Department.


FESMA recognizes that the consultants constitute yet another major element of our industry and concentrates its efforts on every primary consultant in this state. We operate closely with consultants, distinctively highlighting how our equipment significantly supports and fosters their ventures. We conduct seminars, host factory visits and orchestrate meetings with plant personnel and consultants to share their expertise on each particular enterprise.


In order to market to a chain, it is essential that you acquire access to fundamental personnel, not only the purchasing agent. Our aim is to function attentively with engineering, facilities, and Quality Assurance and test kitchen personnel, in addition to working with purchasing authorities. FESMA is an extremely detail-orientated concern as is evidenced by its dealing extremely well with chains.


Universally, the stocking market continues to shrink therefore, it is purposeful that we work with dealers who will dominate their market and employ sales personnel who welcome our in-depth knowledge and contributions. FESMA is highly recognized in this area since our team of professionals represents manufacturers whose equipment is well known and the level of service we deliver is paramount. In this segment, distribution is a key strategy when limitations offer increased sales through strategic partnerships.


FESMA is currently expanding our focus on this market segment. Historically we have focused on our contacts in Tallahassee, but are now developing a new module to our website that will target specifically on all correction facilities across Florida.


(a) While offering informational tools to our customers, our website has been designed more as a proactive marketing tool, keeping our customers up to date on promotions, services, specific areas of interest along with Green and LEED initiatives offered by our Manufacturer Partners.

(b) FESMA maintains a mobile “all weather” show room which is designed to present products to our customer base at their place of business. The first tour was 2009 and has continued every year since.

(c) FESMA utilizes the latest “AQ Net”, offering all our customers professional and timely quotations delivered by the internet.


FESMA always aims to be a partner of the manufacturer it represents, as well as an integral part of each market segment. Vital to that success is the support and groundwork furnished by our office staff. Our main/corporate office in Largo consists of four qualified members, ultimately led by Kathy Cifelli; our Chain Coordinator and Lead Quotation Specialist. All major quotations are computed in our corporate office utilizing AutoQuotes, thus assuring unvarying quotations across the territory.

In addition to our outstanding office staff, we aspire to stay in tune with all aspects of technology, which is clearly exemplified by each member of our team being Internet savvy. The main office renders high-speed Internet access, and when available from specific factories, maintains all order tracking and reporting via the Internet. In addition, we incorporated digital photography, high-resolution scanners and computer driven projectors to enrich sales and marketing presentations.

FESMA is a team of extremely skillful professionals, with years of combined industry knowledge and wisdom clearly focused on continued progress and advancement . . . a reputable team that will definitely continue to provide extraordinary representation and sales growth well into the future.